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Yahoo Finance Integrated BTC, ETH and LTC Trading


There are many established platforms that are now embracing the growth of the cryptocurrency sector and are offering options for those people who are looking to invest in this sector.

Yahoo Finance has been a preferred source of finance info for many people over the years and they have just launched their own trading mechanism for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

There have been information pages for these cryptocurrencies in addition to the likes of Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic for some time now, but there previously had not been any options for those people who wanted to quickly buy or sell one of these options.

A lot of people in the community are delighted that Yahoo Finance has taken this step forward, as it is a significant sign that more and more established platforms are embracing crypto.

While the cryptocurrency market has been on a bear run for most of the year to date after historic growth in 2017, there are some indications that the worst may now be over. Bitcoin has passed the $7,000 mark once more and is looking to stabilise going forward. Ethereum is still struggling to break the $300 mark, but this downward spiral at least has stopped.

There have been plans for a long time for Yahoo to get involved in this space. It was in March that the Japanese section of the company talked about their plans to potentially open their own cryptocurrency exchange by April 2019 at the earliest.

They also nearly made an acquisition of 40% of the BitARG Exchange in Tokyo back in April, but they decided to not go through with this in the end.

With more and more institutional investors looking to get involved in the space, established parties such as Yahoo Finance are looking to capture a significant amount of these investors on their own platforms, which is why they are looking to get into the space of crypto trading for themselves.

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