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24 September 2021
  • Blockchain
    3 years ago

    How to Release a Token on Waves Platform and use it for Business

    Offering ICOs and building blockchains has been crippled by lack of scalability, slow transaction speeds and expensive transaction fees. Ethereum, the pioneer of smart contract technology, is one of the …

  • ICO Guides
    3 years ago

    Why host ICO on Waves?

    Initial Coin offerings have increased in the past two years as cryptocurrencies gain more popularity. There are various avenues which have been used to raise funds and distribute tokens to …

  • Basics
    4 years ago

    Defining the 3 Token Types

    The debate on what words apply with regards to tokens: their definitions and their potential legal ramifications, still rages on. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t feel much nearer to resolution for …