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30 July 2021
  • Review
    3 years ago

    TATATU: The Royally-backed Netflix Disrupter?

    The huge centralized corporations that dominate today‚Äôs business world compete for our attention. Advertising is the business model and that means our attention has become the product. These companies employ …

  • Blockchain
    3 years ago

    Subscription Services to the Blockchain: ERC948

    The Subscription Economy The past few years have seen a major rise in the subscription business model, majorly because consumers now prefer to purchase consistent amounts of products after a …

  • Basics
    3 years ago

    What is ERC 20 Standard?

    The financial world is currently awash with the marvel of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at large. For the amateurs, the industry seems to revolve around Bitcoin and some tech related …