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25 March 2019
  • Blockchain
    3 months ago

    8 ways Blockchain Impacts on Cybersecurity

    It can be argued that blockchain is one of the most important innovations of our age. What many people don’t realize is that this technology extends well beyond just cryptocurrencies. …

  • Infographic
    3 months ago

    Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency

    The following infographic is all about the top 8 women in Cryptocurrency. Joyce Kim Perianne Boring Amber Baldet Jinglan Wang Jen Greyson Fahima Anwar Meltem Demirors Raine Revere Original Source:  

  • Basics
    3 months ago

    What’s the Role of Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

    With Bitcoin, Ethereum and almost all cryptocurrencies making headlines every day and despite the market being plummeted, more and more people are jumping into the crypto bandwagon. And, they are …

  • Basics
    4 months ago

    Introducing Ink Pay Checkouts!

    Ink Pay’s new Checkouts feature allows sellers to easily create listings and sell for cryptocurrency on ANY marketplace! Today, after lots of hard work, we are extremely excited to release …

  • Basics
    5 months ago

    How Playing Poker can help your Crypto Investments

    The cryptocurrency boom is officially here. The industry is no longer a ‘trend’ or ‘fad’ doomed to fall by the wayside over the next year or less as some might …

  • ICO Guides
    7 months ago

    How a Multilingual White Paper Сan Lead to Better ICO Visibility

    A business plan – that’s what most startups have. And they have them for two reasons. First, the plan provides a “map” of sorts for the founders. They have their …

  • Coin Guides
    9 months ago

    Polymath Beginners’ Guide

    Today, we are going to talk about one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies of 2018, Polymath. Polymath has introduced a solution to one of the most complicated problems in crypto …

  • Basics
    10 months ago

    What is Fair Proof of Stake?

    Waves platform is one the most prominent names in the cryptocurrency sphere based on Blockchain technology. With Waves, users can create their own tokens that are backed by real-world currencies …

  • Coin Guides
    10 months ago

    What is Loopring?

    Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of Bitcoin in 2009 not only created a cryptocurrency, but it also revolutionized the financial world. More cryptocurrencies started being created and each cryptocurrency had a specific …

  • Coin Guides
    10 months ago

    Dentacoin: Everything you need to know

    The nature of blockchain technology is such that it makes it easier to reach different industries. Now, the dental industry has also become a part of this technology. So, what …