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How WAX Token Will Impact the skins and Cryptocurrency Markets.


Although not on everyone’s lips, video game skins are considered one of the largest trading economies with a vast consumer base. Billions of dollars of these ‘skins’ are bought annually by gamers who are over 400 million worldwide. The most preferred video game skins are those usually used in video games that do well in e-sport communities notably Counter-Strike which comes in series such as Global Offensive, Condition Zero, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Source,  H1Z1 and Dota 2.

Lately, there is a cryptocurrency wave which is tipped to be inundated with online video gamers. The number of these video gamers dwarfs the number of cryptocurrency customers across the globe. It is known that the number of cryptocurrency customers is 100 times less that of video gamers who trade in these digital items. This is astounding!

From the above numbers, it is an open secret that the blockchain-based digital money audience needs to be reached and served. This is the core reason why the creators of OPSkins, the most dominant marketplace for trading in digital items, have introduced Wax (Worldwide Asset eXchange) Token.

Will WAX have any impacts on the skins trading market?

The answer is yes, and this is how this will happen. The Worldwide Asset eXchange marketplace was explicitly designed and built to facilitate selling and purchasing of digital virtual items potentially expanding the already existing $50 billion skin trading market. With the accompanying Wax tokens, the video gamers will be encouraged to adopt the cryptocurrency trade as they are already aware of this trading, storing and safeguarding virtual items. This platform also seeks to introduce the over 400 million video gamers to the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Besides, the Wax Tokens are expected to deliver real utility this vast market, allowing the video gamers to not only acquire but also invest in the virtual items.

Will WAX users impact the crypto market?

With the customer base of over 400 million video gamers globally, the Wax platform and its accompanying tokens will encourage engagement within this community, pushing the uptake of cryptocurrency. This means that from only 4 to 5 million active cryptocurrency traders, Wax platform will help spread the trade to the already existing video gamers’ community. This spread will affect the cryptocurrency market, making it more engaging and fun.

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