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WAX Partners with Blockchain Game ‘Crypto and Dragons’ and OPSkins Marketplace

Worldwide Asset  eXchange™ (WAX) and  Crypto and Dragon on Wednesday, announced that the company’s  Crypto Collectibles™ would be available on OPSkins™ Platform, a leading global marketplace for online video game assets, and will be tradable with WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, ETH, US dollars, Euros and several of other cryptocurrencies.


Crypto and Dragons is a competitive, decentralized game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game requires players to collect and train monsters to build monster armies. Players can then battle for dungeon proprietorship against other gamers.  Crypto and dragons Gameplay is designed so that gamers can acquire profits from collecting rare monsters and owning dungeons. Collected monsters, can be bought and sold in the marketplace. These Monsters are solely owned by the user and cannot be replicated, taken away or destroyed. The presale will end on the 31st of May, and the game will launch next month.


Hiroki Ikeda, Founder and Core Developer of Crypto and Dragons stated “People expect decentralized games to have rich content, but players also want to profit from decentralized games as well. We believe decentralized games should be profitable, efficient, and most of all, fun.’’ Hiroki Ikeda added that  “At Crypto and Dragons we focus on three main ideas: providing fun and balanced game mechanics, efficient use of the players time (ie: no time-consuming leveling up) and maintaining the value of player’s game assets.”


Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins™,  and President of WAX commented: “The inception of blockchain-based games and collectibles presents a new opportunity for the crypto community to get involved, and game developers are taking notice. As the popularity of blockchain games and Crypto Collectibles grows, so does the need for a trustworthy marketplace, which is where WAX and OPSkins come in. Integrating Crypto and Dragons to that ecosystem is an exciting move for us and for the blockchain-based gaming community as a whole.”


With the latest integration of Crypto and Dragons’ in-game assets onto the OPSkins Marketplace, WAX Tokens gain additional utility, and more players are incentivized to join the ecosystem.


Crypto and Dragons are the recent game based on non-fungible tokens to be added to OPSkins platform and whose in-game virtual assets can be bought or sold with WAX Tokens. The first non-fungible token was CryptoKitties in December last year, and there are more on the horizon. OPSkins platform handles over 2 million weekly transactions on its platform, has millions of active users, adds 200,000 new users each month and offers over 5 million items available for purchase using WAX. WAX allows anyone to build a virtual goods marketplace, on-boarding millions of gamers to the growing cryptocurrency sphere.

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