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Walmart Informs Produce Suppliers to be Using Blockchain by September 2019

Blockchain Technology

When established companies start getting involved in the blockchain space in a big way, it acts as yet another kick forward for the sector as a whole. It gives further credibility to the sector and drives more and more companies to sit up and take notice, wondering what blockchain can do for their needs.

Walmart has informed all of their produce suppliers to start using blockchain technology to track orders within the next twelve months.

Wallmart is currently the biggest retailer in the world in terms of the number of employees and revenue. They have specifically asked their leafy green produce suppliers to implement these tracking systems created alongside IBM, by September of next year.

The IBM Food Trust Network allows for traceability on an end to end basis, through two different phases. This new system means that Walmart will be able to source any type of food item instantly; something that is a massive challenge in its current form.

One of the catalysts for his move was an incident that took place in Arizona at the beginning of 2018; an outbreak of E-coli for the lettuce that had been grown in and around Yuma, a city in the state. Walmart customers were concerned about this because they did not have a way to check where the produce they were buying was actually grown.

Thus, once these systems have been implemented, a customer will beĀ able to simply scan the given item and see where exactly it was grown.

The first part of this project – which will be the implementation of a single step back level of traceability – is hoped to be implemented by January. This is not the first time that Walmart has used blockchain technology when it comes to food tracking, as recently, they did something similar with ensuring the quality of their pig products that originate out of China.

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