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Uranus to be the Uber of Computer Sharing Platforms


One of the areas that stand to benefit a lot for blockchain technology are those involved in the storage of data.

In recent years, cloud storage has been a popular way for people and companies to store their data. Some of the largest cloud storage providers such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud have been looking at ways in which they can implement blockchain technology.

A number of different applications are currently being tested, along with others expected in the future. For example, an analytics that is available for free for Google gives people the ability to explore throughout the ETH network.

One company looking to capitalize on this evolution is that of Uranus. This is a blockchain startup based out of Singapore and they are looking to carve out a niche for themselves. They are now developing and utilising distributed networks in order to harness the computing power of devices from across the world.

This power can be used for data storage purposes. Those parties who give up some of their computing power to this project will be incentivised. This could lead to great advancements in the sector.

They effectively are looking to be the Uber of computer sharing, as people can rent out their computing power for others to use and receive payment in return.

Uranus is currently in the process of developing their platform that will be able to help solve significant problems that currently exist in the space. They have embarked on a worldwide tour to try and get the message out about their project.

A lot of computing power in the world today is redundant and is going to waste. Now it can be harnessed for some good, with the owners of this computing power also standing to benefits monetarily.

Cloud storage will inevitably be a lot cheaper than it currently is and the operating costs for providers will also be decreased.

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