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UNICEF to Invest in 6 Blockchain Startups

Blockchain Technology

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has made public that it will be investing its resources in six blockchain startups with the aim of adding the blockchain technology to its humanitarian line of work.

In early January 2018, UNICEF sent out a notice to young startups to send their application and in response, they got about 100 applications from 50 countries. Meanwhile, UNICEF has already 20 technology firms within its Innovation Fund and they range from virtual reality, drones, machine learning, data science.

How will the Various Startups Contribute to UNISEF’s Projects?

UNICEF has announced that they will be investing a total of $100,000 USD in W3 Engineers, Onesmart, Statwig, Prescrypto, Atix Labs and Utopixar. But what each startup has to offer?


Onesmart’s vision is to develop an application that will deliver state-provided social services and they also want to address the matter of misusing social funds within emerging markets.


Prescrypto, on the other hand, wants to enhance the accessibility of electronic prescriptions by making available a platform that will house patient medical histories.

Atix Labs

Argentina based Atix Labs, wants to build a platform with small to medium-sized companies at heart. The platform will help them access funding in such a transparent process which will further show what the funds will be used for.


The blockchain startup based in India wants to create an application that will enhance the effectiveness of vaccine delivery and supply chain management.

W3 Engineers

W3 Engineers wants to bridge the gap between refugee communities and migrants through an offline mobile networking platform without the need for sim cards or a reliable internet.


Tunisia’s Utopixar plans to build a social tool that will enhance the decision-making process and value transfer which will be utilized by organizations and other communities.

Meanwhile, all the startups have been mandated to provide “open-source prototypes of their blockchain applications” within the next 1 year. “Blockchain technology is still at an early stage — and there is a great deal of experimentation, failure, and learning ahead of us as we see how, and where, we can use this technology to create a better world”, said Chris Fabian, the Principal Adviser at UNICEF Innovation.

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