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Tron Joined Forces with Internet Service Giant Baidu for cloud Computing Resources

Blockchain Technology

Tron is a project focused on creating a decentralized version of the internet. They have now partnered up the biggest internet search provider in China called Baidu. They will join forces to share cloud computing resources as per a tweet from Tron.

There had been a lot of rumours doing the rounds about this potential partnership. This news has since been confirmed by Tron after they retweeted a news article related to their work together.

They will be cooperating in terms of a basic cloud business. They want to maximise their intercompatibility so they can create, run and debug various blockchain products that are based on the Baidu Cloud.

They will mainly be focusing upon the buying and using of the Baidu Cloud computing resources of Baidu as oppose to having a more blockchain business focus.

The Tron Foundation is looking to have blockchain solution made more accessible for individuals and small businesses. They are committed to pushing towards mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Baidu has a plan it the works for a project that will be launched soon. It is called the Blockchain Commercialization Super Partner Plan v1.0. This will be focusing upon exploring tech and types of revenue sharing with certain commercial super partners. It is said to be using their super chain infrastructure.

Initially, Baidu talked about their idea for commercialising their cloud Blockchain as a service (Baas) offering through a white paper. This was published in September 2017 as part of the creation of their Super Chain system.

The CEO of Tron Justin Sun had been dropping hints as to a potential partnership with a leader in the industry. However, certain crypto commentators are questioning whether this is actually able to be defined as a partnership.

Crypto Twitter commentator Ari Paul said, “If I buy a computer with Microsoft Windows installed, I should not claim to have partnered with Microsoft without clarifying the limited nature of the ‘partnership’”.

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