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Tesla Cloud-Computing Resources Hacked to Run Digital Currency-Mining Malware

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Tesla has just confirmed the hacking of its cloud-computing platform by a group of hackers. Redlock, a company that notified Tesla about the hack, believes the hackers may have attacked the platform to mine digital currencies. Tesla said it had managed the vulnerability and hackers did not manage to steal any of their customer’s data. A spokesperson has highlighted that the hacking had only affected the internally used engineering test cars.

“Our previous investigation has found no signs that both customer privacy, vehicle safety, and security was altered in any way,” she added.

According to Redlock, Tesla’s log-in credentials to the AWS cloud-Computing platform were kept on a system that was not password protected

What Is Crypto Jacking?

Digital currency mining is the process of developing new virtual coins by solving complex mathematical problems. The process consumes large amounts of computing power and therefore leads to the accumulation of huge electricity bills.

Crypto-jacking is where hackers save large amounts of money by installing mining software on other people’s computers to mine new coins without their knowledge.

Crypto-jacking is becoming a norm considering the values of coin currencies such as Bitcoin have surged significantly. Hackers have also exploited YouTube, Starbucks and UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

Research by Redlock shows that hackers obtained log-in details to Tesla’s Amazon Web services on a Kubernetes console – the system was developed by Google to manage applications. It is reported that the console was not password protected.

The worth of the stolen digital currency that the hackers managed to mine with the use of stolen hash power remain unknown.

A Report on Fortune has confirmed that Tesla paid Redlock over $ 3,133.70 for discovering the security fault. Researchers have established that hackers used Sophisticated hacking techniques to avoid identification like keeping their hash power relatively low and hiding their Internet protocol address (IP) using CloudFlare’s content delivery network service.

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