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Shift Money 2018

Press Release

Disrupt the World of FinTech at Shift Money 2018

Shift Money 2018

On 26th & 27th of November in Zagreb, Croatia, delegates from around the world of FinTech will gather around to talk about the newest trends in Payments, Insurance, Lending & Blockchain.

The Shift Team has been creating technology conferences for over 7 years. With their premier event being Shift Dev, the largest Developer Conference in Southeast Europe, which brings over 1300+ attendees from around the world in one place. Now, Shift Money will take that mantle as their biggest event, bringing delegates from around the world of FinTech to the beautiful city of Zagreb, Croatia.

Shift Money 2018

The quick development of financial technologies and their increasing influence on financial services are reshaping the whole industry and completely changing the role of traditional financial institutions. Innovations are mainly coming from startups, who seem to be the primary source of disruption for conventional banks and give a lot of opportunities as well as risks, for the traditional financial environment. These rapid changes are urging the industry to react quickly and reconsider the role of traditional banking.

This is why Shift Money gathers representatives from the whole financial and technology sector, no matter their size or stage, in one place to find new partners, create connections and find new opportunities. On the stage, more than 40 leading experts will share their ideas and experiences about insurance, lending, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, problems of ICOs and payments. A few of them are coming straight from the companies such as Barclays, The Economist, Citi Bank, Lloyds Bank, Mashable, CoinBase and others.

Shift Money 2018

Alongside these speakers, at Shift Money Conference, 10 FinTech startups will get a chance to present their products and convince judges, investors and journalists they are the ones that can truly impact the FinTech industry. Four best teams will pitch their startups on the second day as well in the Pitch Finals. The best of them will bring home a noteworthy title: Winners of Shift Money Challenge 2018.

Shift Money 2018

The conference will be hosted in the most extraordinary venue in Zagreb – Lauba House. There you’ll be able to find more than 100 companies from the FinTech world. Banks and huge companies will be present with smaller, newer companies and startups. Their combination will allow for a more objective look at new technologies emerging in FinTech and their potential.

All of this makes the conference an ideal place for finding new partners, solutions and contacts. Shift Money will be held on 26th & 27th of November in Zagreb, Croatia. You can find more information, as well as tickets, on their official page


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