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Revolut Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Support

Bitcoin Cash and Ripple have now been added to the Revolut trading app. Revolut is one of the fastest growing fintech companies, and this addition will enable the Revolut customer base access the two popular cryptos. The customers will be able to buy, hold and sell the two cryptos instantly. As at now, Revolut facilitates about 100,000 daily trades on its platform.

In 2017, Revolut launched the cryptocurrency investment that now enables customers to buy and hold cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. This platform has unique characteristics that set it apart from other crypto platforms such as Coinbase. Revolut doesn’t allow their customers to manage their own wallets as seen with other traditional crypto exchanges.

Revolut allows its customers to deposit fiat currency and buy cryptos within its closed Revolut ecosystem. This means that tokens are purchased through the platform and are not transferable to another platform out of Revolut. The purchased tokens can only be liquidated for fiat within the same Revolut system.

Another exciting feature is the use of the Revolut card. This card is uniquely paired with the Revolut app so that users can use cryptocurrency to pay in fiat currency. This way, the user is able to deduct fiat payments from their Revolut crypto balance at the prevailing market rates. Cryptocurrency can be transferred between Revolut accounts.

The revolut platform is offering new investors with simplified and friendly capital investment methods within the crypto industry, and this will definitely enhance its adoption. If compared to other ell established crypto exchanges, Revolut may not offer so much to the customers in terms of features, but one thing is clear: it will disrupt the status quo of the crypto investments industry.

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