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Press Release: Elirtex Offers Asset Management and Collective Investments in some of the most Promising Startups

Sponsored Press Release: 30-07-2018

Elirtex, a UK based online platform offering investment services to all types of investors regardless of their trading experience and with an initial investment of as little as 0.005 BTC. Based on an experienced team of qualified financial specialists, Elirtex selects promising startups to include in their portfolios.

Portfolio diversity is important to achieve the 15% weekly returns that Elirtex can offer to investors and provide a high level of protection to the investors’ assets. A custom and exclusive script is used on the platform and protection against DDOS attacks is offered to all users. Experienced risk assessment experts and analysts review the market as well as startup’s activities to determine which projects have the highest potential. Some of the areas in which Elirtex invests include:

  • Public health, pharmaceutical products, and medicine
  • Technological and innovative start-ups
  • Franchises of vending machines
  • Financial consulting and risk management
  • Solutions for corporate businesses
  • Educational training platforms
  • Game and entertainment industry
  • Automated Sales Systems
  • Production and manufacture of organic products
  • A certain percentage of the company’s profit is used for its development

Investors can deposit funds in BTC only, with a minimum of three confirmations required on the blockchain for the funds to become available in the user’s account. Elirtex reserves the right to process withdrawal requests for up to five days and charges no withdrawal fees for the process.

The Elirtex team is keen in expanding their products potential and adding more features in the near future. The company’s development plan features some exciting additions to look forward to, including an iOS and Android app for their platform, and a customized CRM system.

Elirtex offers an affiliate program and has already established members in Columbia, Spain, and Vietnam. New members of the affiliate program are not required to make an initial deposit to participate. Affiliate members are later rewarded for their referrals to the platform based on the initial deposit made by the member invited to the network.

Affiliate members are provided with unique links that they can distribute to guest users. Once a guest user uses the referral link to signup and makes an initial deposit a reference rate is reflected in the affiliate member’s profile.

Elirtex relies on a healthy relationship with both the investors and startups in its network to turn a profit. The high level of experience that sets the Elirtex team apart is the main tool that allows the company to increase the investors capital while assisting new projects in obtaining financial support for their endeavors.


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