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Presidential Candidates in Brazil Embrace Blockchain Technology Prior to Elections

Blockchain Technology

Many countries across the world have been embracing blockchain technology. Many government bodies can become more effective and efficient through deploying this type of technology in their day to day dealings.

Now a candidate in the race to be the new Brazilian president has talked about how she would implement blockchain technology into the government if she were elected.

The candidate in question is Marina Silva and she has already utilized the Decred blockchain for the creation of a transparent and immutable record of all donations she has received to date for her campaign. She is a REDE party candidate.

The candidate for the New Party is Joao Amoedo and he says that a form of a digital government would be implemented if he is elected. This would allow every citizen to have an electric form of identity that could be used for all different forms of blockchain technology.

The Worker’s Party candidate is Fernando Haddad and he plans to utilise blockchain technology in discrediting the supposed fake news that is being reported in relation to his policies, personal life and general ideas.

He claims that his proposals to become president have been tweaked and altered to try and turn the voters against him. To stop this from happening, he has uploaded a 13 point plan for the government on the Decred blockchain. This record cannot be changed for malicious reasons and is available for all to see.

This is a great use for stopping the spreading of false information, something that has been rife in political elections in recent times. It will be very interesting to see what the outcome of this presidential election will be and how blockchain technology is being adopted in this manner.

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