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PBoC in Search for Blockchain Talent for Central Bank Digital Currency

Blockchain Technology

One of the areas that have become a lot more prominent in recent times in the crypto sector is government bodies starting to adopt blockchain technology.

There have been many bodies, particularly central banks that have been thinking about creating their own crypto token. India is one of the latest countries to discuss these intentions, despite not being overly supportive of the crypto sector in their country.

It is good seeing these massive bodies starting to give the space the recognition it deserves.

The latest major governing body to discuss this issue is the People’s Bank of China (PBoC). They are now on the lookout for people who are familiar with blockchain technology. They also want legal experts from the space to get in touch with them. This comes as they continue on with the process of creating their own digital currency.

This announcement was made through an advertisement for these new jobs. They are looking for four engineers who are experienced with chip design, cryptography, security protocol design, blockchain development and application as well as system architecture.

These new engineers will be tasked with creating digital currency software, the cryptography and the security model. The also will work on a chip processor that will allow for the end to end transactions via digital currencies.

They are also looking for more people to help with looking into both the economic and legal implications that would result from launching a digital currency.

They are on the lookout for two experts in the field of economics and finance. They would be tasked with the analysis of economic theory and creating a monetary mechanism for this new currency. They would also be looking at any regulatory risk that may exist.

This will certainly be a very exciting project to keep your eyes on going forward. They are clearly serious about this project.

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