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New Zcash Software To Break Ground For ‘Sapling’ Upgrade

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash development team has released new Zcash node with initial support for the scheduled Saplin upgrade slated later this year.

According to release notes published Wednesday, May 30, the 1.1.1 release update puts the first consensus rules in place as it prepares for Sapling network upgrade.  Reportedly, Sapling isn’t the first Zcash hard fork in the pipeline. The Overwinter main network activation is set for June 25, and a major update is Zcash Sapling network which is presumed to launch in September 2018.

Details about the Sapling were first revealed by the Zcash team in February 2017. Sapling is intended to speed up transactions on the Zcash network

Zcash team stated that what is missing is an activation ‘block height,” which will be integrated into a future upgrade. Mostly, a block height is the precise transaction block where the Sapling hard fork actually takes effect.

The blog post further explained that “As a reminder, because the Sapling activation height is not yet specified for the main net, version 1.1.1 will behave similarly as other pre-Sapling releases even after a future activation of Sapling on the network. Upgrading from 1.1.1 will be required to follow the Sapling network upgrade on Mainnet.”

As reported by BTC Manager in March, The purpose of Overwinter is to reinforce the protocol for future network upgrades, setting the stage for the Zcash Sapling network upgrade later this year. The Overwinter software will enhance network by introducing features like replay protection for network upgrades, version control, transaction expiry and advancement for transparent transactions.


Around the same time, Zooko Wilcox, co-founder and CEO of Zerocoin Electric Coin Company commented “The purpose of this is to get practice doing network upgrades,”


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