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New Walmart Blockchain Patent Allows Robots to Make Deliveries Across Supply Chain

Blockchain Technology

On the 30th of August, Walmart – the famous American retail store – has tendered an application to the office of the United States Patent and Trademark with the intention of patenting a blockchain system for making deliveries to customers.

The retail giant plans to use the patent to build a technology for running “in-field authenticating of autonomous electronic devices” to enable secure deliveries. According to the patent,  “[i]n exemplary embodiments, two autonomous electronic devices, such as delivery drones or household autonomous robots, can authenticate each other using embodiments of security procedures described herein.”

The patent was filed by Walmart stores in the month of January 2018 and it was called “Systems, Devices, and Methods for In-Field Authenticating of Autonomous Robots”. The system will engage in the use of robots or drones to deliver packages to the supply chain. The robot or drone will run on wireless signals which will enable blockchain-powered secure authentication of electronic devices’ identities.

Based on the contents of the patent application, the use of blockchain will be vital in recording data and signals, which are usually targeted by hackers.

Several updates will be made to the blockchain system such as identifying information, authenticating signals, and also several nodes will be configured to add more updates to the database.

in the past year, Walmart has applied for a number of blockchain-related patents in the U.S. As reported by Investopedia, blockchain technology enhancement is mainly being used by the retailer to “help Walmart keep pace with its rivals”, such as Amazon.

Not too long ago, the retail giant filed a patent application on systems and methods to manage smart devices through the blockchain tech. The technology is going to enable operators to modify the level of access and control for portable computing devices.

In the month of July, Walmart patented a blockchain-driven delivery system where delivered items are kept safe until the owners of the items can sign for them and collect them.


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