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New Cryptography Library for DLT Development Announced by Hyperledger

Blockchain Technology

The Ursa project, a new software library for cryptography, has been given the green light from the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee, as announced on the 4th of December.

As per this statement, Hyperledger has now gotten to the stage where they really need sophisticated implementations of cryptography. Ursa will see projects now collaborating together through a shared library rather than having to constantly implement their own types of protocols.

Therefore, it is going to eliminate waste work as projects will no longer be duplicated. There will also be better security as analysis is going to be more simple and people are not going to be as likely to deploy implementations that are less secure.

There is also going to be expert reviews of the cryptographic done through this library as well as interoperability enhancements since a lot of different products will be able to utilise the same library.

A blockchain developer will have the ability to select and change a given cryptographic scheme just through the use of a simple configuration file.

There are going to be two smaller libraries rather than a single large one. One will be more simple and straightforward while there other is going to be a lot more complex.

The software language being used for the most part for this project will be Rust but there will be the ability for all of the languages currently used as part of Hyperledger to co-operate through these libraries.

Development is set to become a lot easier if this project is a success and will help them also to be more secure.

Hyperledger has been growing in popularity with both commercial and institutional users, so it is a good time to improve the efficiency of their offering and operations even further.

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