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Nano Wallet Experiences Multiple Security Flaw: Users Advised to Move Funds for Safety

Nano cryptocurrency offering instant transactions at no fee is facing a problem that will not go away as technical errors are experienced every so often that they are now advising users to change wallets ASAP.

The Nano wallet developers expected a better experience and more value for their investment with the latest wallet. The developers identified another bug soon enough threatening the funds therein for their users.

The fastest way to curb the problem was reached as tweets hit the internet with messages alerting users to switch wallets and move the funds to safety.

Google’s Play store alone garnered more than 10,000 downloads without factoring in other platforms. The Nano wallet App crushed the internet just after the company issued the official announcement. Everyone took to the internet and the product trended for hours online. The product has an influence on the market. The response is overwhelming as well.

5-hours in, the developers noticed a bug that threatened the security of the funds. They quickly issued an alert on Twitter and within no time, all was well, and clients were happy. Unfortunately, the developers identified another new bug in the latest version affecting android users. They took to Twitter again warning android users.

“Please still move funds off the android wallet. An update is coming that will force users to change seeds using correct cryptography.” Troy Retzer, chief of communications at Nano, notified users in a Reddit post.

The year has been tough so far for Nano especially after the $195 million hack on BitGrail. BitGrail were the major supporters for Nano. Binance withdrawals had also caused most of the clients to complain but they have since been open, and withdrawals are possible.

Users eagerly wait for the technical errors to be solved for the last time. The experience Nano gives to cryptocurrency community: fee-less and instant transactions; are too valuable to let go. The developers, on the other hand, are doing all they can to assure users of their commitment to do away with the matter affecting the company’s wallet.


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