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Google G-Suite Twitter Account was Hacked by Crypto Scammers


A new trick that crypto scammers are using is going after notable parties social media accounts and promoting their scams through them, pretending to be the authentic person or group behind that account. It has already happened to both Elon Musk and Target, with G-Suite being the latest victim of this scam.

It was on the 13th of November that the G-Suite Twitter account got hacked. Messages were sent to the followers of this account to send as little as 0.1 or as much as 2BTC for verification of their addresses and they could then get between 1 and 20 BTC in return.

As this is a common hack in recent times, hopefully not too many people fell for it. However, there is always going to be victims in a case such as this one.

It was only one day previously that the American retail giant Target got hacked and their followers received a similar message. There is usually a grand giveaway also associated with these scams.

For the Target hack, it was a giveaway worth 5,000 BTC and G-Suite we reoffering a 10,000 BTC giveaway. There was also an announcement that was fake which said that people can now pay through bitcoin for their G-Suite services.

This was only live for ten minutes before it was delighted. There has been no official statement made by G-Suite as of yet.

These types of incidents show how important it is to ensure that you are vigilant at all times. You need to do your research to ensure that you are dealing with a viable entity that has not been hacked.

If you are in doubt, make sure you directly contact a member of the customer support team to double check that a given giveaway is legitimate. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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