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Founder of Wikipedia Considers Using Blockchain for the Website

Blockchain Technology

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has been talking about the potential plans that the encyclopaedia platform may have for blockchain technology. This took place during the Delta Summit when he gave an interview to

Sanger is part of the blockchain’s first ever encyclopaedia. This is called Everipedia and the platform is aiming to create a large shift in how the encyclopaedia model works. This is in comparison to the currently centralized databases of knowledge on the internet, such as Wikipedia.

As a result of using the distributed ledger, there are going to be a range of different financial incentives for those creating content on the site.

It will be a platform that is decentralized, resistant to censorship, as well as being democratic. This is achieved because each token holder for IQ can have their say on decisions affecting the network.

The token holders can decide on things such as whether a new article or an edit can be accepted. They can also have a say on the number of tokens which can be mined on a daily basis. They are planning to develop a smart contract voting system.

Eventually they plan to have a form of constitution, which will be an agreement that has been reached by each of the users and can then become encoded upon the smart contracts.

These will be rules for the democratic and decentralized platform to ensure that everything can continually operate without running into hitches. With so many significant and important decisions to be made in the operation of such an encyclopaedia network, it is imperative that these solid ground rules are in place.

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