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Former data Executive at LinkedIn, Michael Li, is the new Coinbase Data VP

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One of the signs that have been showcasing how cryptocurrency and blockchain are becoming more and more mainstream is when people in prominent positions in the traditional corporate world are transitioning to work at new companies in the crypto space, such as Coinbase.

Coinbase is one of the leading fiat-to crypto platforms in the world that has been rolling out a number of different exciting features that have been planned to be launched in the near future.  

With the sudden explosion in popularity of the crypto markets in 2017, they struggled at times to scale their operations fast enough, but it appears that they have finally caught up with these demands.

Just recently, it has been announced that the new Vice President of Data at Coinbase is the former executive at LinkedIn, Michael Li. He has been with LinkedIn since 2011 when he began as the Director for Business Analytics.

The social network for professionals has been growing steadily ever since and was acquired by Microsoft last year. Li is very experienced when it comes to data science and looking at business analytics to identify potential areas for improvement.

He is adamant that one of the most aspects for businesses going forward is having a proper organization of data. This comes at a time when data security is most important and the regulations are very strict. Any company that is found to be lax in this area will have to face the wrath of the authorities as well as having their reputations crushed from the media reports.

As part of his new position with Coinbase, he will be looking after the core strategy of the company, as well as helping to create further ways in which data solutions can be integrated as part of the blockchain network.

Li is not the first person to move from a corporate behemoth to a company such as Coinbase. Prominent employees at likes of Microsoft and Amazon have also made the transition over in recent times.

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