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Forbes Recognizes Ripple’s Vanessa Pestritto as a Rising Venture Star


Forbes is one of the most prominent media companies in the world when it comes to the finance space. As part of a recent feature, they listed Ripple’s Vanessa Pestritto as one of the most exciting names emerging from the venture space.

The official name for this feature is “Six Rising Stars in Venture.” She is currently working for the Xpring team, which is a project created by Ripple with the goal of helping other blockchain corporations to find sources of capital to meet their funding needs.

The Ripple community were delighted when this news was announced.

The Senior Vice President for Xpring tweeted: “@forbes recognizes @vanessadice, a rockstar on Team #Xpring at @ripple. She’s an outstanding teammate with killer instinct – proud to have her on the team.”

Pestritto works from New York City and attended the NYU Stern School of Business and has been working in the technology consultancy space for some time. She had her own fund called Lattice Ventures and was also previously an executive director at the New York Angels before she joined the Ripple team.

She now looks after their firm which deals with other blockchain companies. She focuses in particular on networking, telling founders that this is vital and encouraging them to expand their reach in this regard.

One of her key pieces of advice recently was: “Look into the networks they have today to find the people to connect with…and if you don’t yet have the network you need, surround yourself with smart, interesting people and share what you are working on”.

Xpring is going from strength to strength since it was launched in May 2018. They are incubating, acquiring, giving grants and investing in projects that they have identified as having serious potential in the space.

Those who are involved with Xpring will then use the XRP ledger and relevant digital assets in helping their customers.

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