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Facebook Hit with Defamation Lawsuit over Crypto Related Ads


Things are not turning well for Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform. The platform is currently in trouble for various things. In spite of their outspoken attitude towards digital currencies, it is clear that they approved false ICO advertisements using both the name and image of Martin Lewis.

More Legal Trouble for Facebook

Over the past few months, things have been ragged at Facebook.  The company is currently facing so much criticism, and it is hard to imagine how they can get out of this mess. Digital currency users did not support the move by Facebook to ban all crypto related advertisements at the beginning of this year.

Before banning all the crypto advertisements on the platform, Facebook had earlier approved various ICO advertising campaigns.  Cryptocurrency advertisements have always been done on the platform, but these ICOs claimed Martin Lewis was one of their supporters. Martin Lewis is the founder of MoneySavingExpert website and host of The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV in the UK.

Various projects made a move to use the images and name of Martin Lewis to support the get-rich-quick schemes. Though it is normal to get one advertisement slip, over 50 fake Martin Lewis fake adverts, have been published on the platform to date which is not acceptable at all.

Lewis issued the following comment on the issue:

I have told Facebook that I don’t do any adverts and any ad with my name and picture is on the platform without my consent.  I have requested them to stop publishing them or seek permission from me first. Because Facebook is experts in both face and text recognition, the task of removing these ads should not be a great deal. However, they continue publishing these adverts and depend on me to report after the damage is done. Even after being removed, scammers unveil a new similar campaign immediately, and the process becomes repetitive.”

Since Facebook has not resolved these incidents on the platform, Martin Lewis just filed a lawsuit against the social media site. Mark Lewis, a solicitor from the Seddons law firm will lead the case. The solicitor had earlier been part of a case involving defamation on Twitter

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