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Ethereum has Donated $150,000 to Ethereum Classic


Over recent times, there has not been much friendship seen between the teams at Ethereum and at Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic first came into being after a hard fork took place in July of 2016. This was the result of a disagreement between the two sides during a hacking event in which the topic of true blockchain decentralization was being debated.

Hence, a lot of people were taken by surprise learning that the Ethereum Foundation has donated $150,000 worth of ETF to the ETC Cooperative.

The reason behind this donation was to help foster a better relationship between the two projects and to help Ethereum Classic in growing.

Virgil Griffith from Ethereum said about the move: “Beyond our usual unicorn benevolence, this is an opportunity to bury the hatchet between our two communities. Will ETH and ETC suddenly become best friends? Probably not. But if you look at the top 25 coins, ETC and ETH, is certainly one of the closest pairs in both tech stack and vision.”

However, there are some people with the Ethereum Classic community that believe that there are other reasons for this donation. Some believe that this move was made to try and make Ethereum Classic more insignificant by trying to destroy its current position in the market.

Currently, Ethereum is 2nd in the rankings in terms of market capitalization, while Ethereum Classic is sitting in 15th place.

It will be interesting to watch going forward how their relationship changes over time and to see whether this was a genuine olive branch by the Ethereum Foundation or just a tactical move.

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