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Development Update #6 of 0x Protocol — February 2018.

The 0x protocol is set to get a new version as our team engages the drive gear. The changes implemented in February include:

Signature generalization: this is important as it allows the support of various signature schemes that are within the protocol. The types that are supported include the standard ECDSA, EIP712, and signatures generated via Trezor. There are also smart contracts that will generate orders on-chain or off-chain.

Use ABIEncoderV2 in contracts. There is a refactoring of most of the public function in the 0x smart contracts. This will help the functions to use structs rather than arrays as arguments. This will lead to cleaner, less redundant code with a smaller memory footprint.

Support for ERC-721 and future standards. The smart contracts have been restructured to allow the team support for ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens. This will make the support for new standards in the future possible and easier.


0x has been at the forefront of helping the community achieve an acceptable standard for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). was built as a resource to aggregate information about the standard and help people start building.

ABI-gen ABIv2 Support

The Abi-gen tool generates correct types for contracts that accept/return tuples. The Abi-gen tool can be used with ethers.js to support contracts that accept nested data or/and structures as parameters now.

Multiple languages supported on the 0x homepage

0x homepage is now supporting Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish languages. You only need to scroll down the page to change your language.

0x Ecosystem Additions

  • EasyTrade (ShapeShift-style interface for trading using 0x) is now in beta.
  • OceanX API has launched their public beta.
  • Aqueduct, tools for liquidity sharing and automated trading by ERC dEX.
  • DDEX closes $2.1M seed round led by Initialized Capital. Alexis Ohainian discusses in Wall Street Journal.

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