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Developers of Ethereum Discussed Potential Hard Fork and Reductions in Block Issuance


While Ethereum has contributed so much to date to the world of cryptocurrencies, it also has some serious issues that need to be resolved going forward.

It was on the 24th of August that the core developers for Ethereum got together and streamed on YouTube live during one of their meetings. The agenda of the day was discussing some of the updates they were planning to bring to the network.

The meeting was headed by Hudson Jameson. He looked at having blockchain protocols that are no-proof and how this would be implemented. However, before this, there will be a variety of different tests conducted to ensure that no consensus issues occur within the network.

In August there were a few different features added to the Ethereum protocol, although currently, there is an issue with the mining process which is set to be resolved in the coming days.

They also touched upon the Constantinople hard fork which has been long anticipated by the community.

As part of this future fork, there will be no room for the Ethereum Improvement Proposal EIP-1211. They also discussed a variety of different fixes for bugs and test net implementations on a variety of levels and also about their strict schedule when it comes to this fork. While they do not want to rush proceedings, they are planning on having everything completed on time.

Although they had originally been thinking about releasing a hard fork every six months – after the successful launch of Constantinople-, they have now committed to having a newly released hard fork every eight months so that they won’t put the developers under too much pressure.

Finally, they discussed how an issuance reduction could lead to some positive effects when it came to price levels, which have been struggling as of late. They closed out the meeting by committing to taking community ideas and feedback no board before their next meeting at the end of the month.

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