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Deloitte has Partnered with Attest to Develop a Blockchain-based Digital Identity System

Blockchain Technology

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms in the world by revenue has entered into a partnership with Attest Inc, an identity management firm, aiming at developing a digital identity system that will run on the blockchain technology.  

Attest Inc is based in Chicago and provides an identity platform that enables its customers to carry out transactions while at the same time, the governmental clients of the platform can offer identity services to customers.

The partnership between Deloitte and Attest Inc will help in developing a governmental digital identity offering based on the existing products of Attest that can be utilized by Deloitte’s customers.

Attest wallet enables clients to securely store or keep digital forms of business or government identifications,  providing them with a controlled access to their data.

Attest Enterprise includes two APIs. It enables users to get their identity authenticated, approve third parties and give others consent to help them manage their data.

The managing director of Deloitte Consulting LLP, Wendy Henry who was very delighted with the partnership, said, “While many companies are looking at using a personal wallet in which the individual has control of their digital identity credential, government must serve the whole of citizens, including those who may not be able to accept the control of their identity credential in a digital form.”

In the same light, the co-founder and CEO of Attest, Cab Morris has advocated that “a government-issued digital identity has the potential to reduce costs and risk for businesses in all industries, while also providing citizens with greater security, privacy and control over personal data.”

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