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CryptoKitties to Unveil a Mobile App on HTC’s Flagship Phone

CryptoKitties, the popular blockchain-based game app that became so popular that it clogged the Ethereum blockchain, will launch its first decentralized application (dApp) mobile app in partnership with Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC.

HTC announced the deal in a release on Tuesday, stating that CryptoKitties app will first be available on HTC’s flagship phone, the U12+, which was rolled out to market last month.

The release published on Tuesday also mentions that CryptoKitties mobile app will firstly be available to U.S. users, but it is not directly evident whether it will launch in other markets.

The CryptoKitties DApp allows users to create, breed, and sell unique digital cats. The created digital cats are fully owned by users crypto collectibles and cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

The digital cat-breeding app users will be able to track the availability of the rare crypto collectibles through web pages that retrieve data from the decentralized ledger technology (DLT) – blockchain

CryptoKitties DApp, designed as an ERC-721 token to ensure scarcity. The app became so popular in December 2017 that it clogged the Ethereum platform.

CryptoKitties Users can trade digital collectibles for actual digital currency. Digital collectibles market price will be determined by an owner’s asking price, demand, and scarcity.

Early this week, Swiss-based Sirin Labs revealed their plans to launch its blockchain-powered smartphone dubbed ‘’ Finney”. In December last year, the company raised $157.8 million for the venture during their Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


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