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Coinbase now Valued at $8 Billion

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One of the most recognisable companies in the cryptocurrency space is Coinbase. This is the most popular platform for beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies.

With the hysteria that was seen towards the latter half of 2017 with the markets rising exponentially, countless people were trying to exchange their fiat currency for the likes of Bitcoin by using Coinbase.

Due to this massive level of volume, Coinbase struggled to keep up with demand. Eventually, they were able to start accepting new customers once again.

The company is now in the middle of a deal that could place a valuation of $8 billion on the company, which would make it one of the largest valued start-up companies found anywhere in the United States.

They are currently talking to Tiger Global, as well as their shareholders in relation to a potential $500 million investment. This would be in addition to a $250 million investment Coinbase would be making, attempting to buy out some of their investors.

During the summer of 2017, it had a valuation of just $1.5 billion, which showcases the level of growth it has seen in the last year and a bit.

While there has been a mass downturn in the value of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is constantly innovating and developing new platforms. They are now going after institutional investors who are getting involved in a big way in the crypto space.

There has long been talking about giving the investors the chance to cash out on their position. Tiger Global is based out of New York and they are an investment company that conducts massive deals across the world. While they have yet to really step inside the world of crypto, they have seen just how popular this sector has become in recent times.

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