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Civic Connect, a new App-to-app Integration from Civic, to Replace 3rd Party user Authentication

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Recently, Civic announced that they have released the CivicConnect app. The Civic Connect is an innovative app to app incorporation, whose main purpose is to provide safe logins and reusable KYC (Know your customers).

In the same light, there are over six million apps that make use of secure identity verification to reduce the level of identity thefts and hacks. Furthermore, the use of Civic Connect can be reusable in other applications. If your account has been verified, and your Civic ID generated, you can make use of your Civic ID with any application that is linked with the Civic Connect App.

On the plus side, users can take advantage of the Civic secure identity platform by making use their Civic ID on different mobile apps associated with the platform. Furthermore, users can add 2FA (2-factor authentication) security feature, unspecified private 2FA and lots more.

The way it works is that users are allowed to do a verification check if they want to reuse their identity within a new application. The user’s data is locally stored and permission is usually requested from the user before data is shared.

For example, a few months ago, Dentacoin (DCN) signed up to make use of the Civic Identity verification platform to gain access to honest feedback from patients. Presently, Dentacoin utilizes the CivicConnect platform to offer ID verification for its Dentacare Health training Application.

The CivicConnect platform offers digital Identity to individuals rather than companies. Some of its benefits include a secure Identity that can only be accessed via biometrics, liveness testing, extraction of selfie for the purpose of comparison, third-party keys generation etc.

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