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Bitcoin or Ethereum: Which One is a Better Investment in 2018?

Ethereum, the second most significant coin currency by market cap has increased by 74.7% from a low of $755.76 to a high of $1,369.78 since 1st Jan 2018. However, on January 10, Ethereum   declined and experienced fluctuations between $1,299 and $1,320.68

On the other hand, Bitcoin has been more unstable for the past few days. On January 1, the digital currency was worth $14,112.20 and achieved a high of $17.629.40 as at January 5, from then, it has flopped to a low of $14,638.50 on January 10.

Due to this, there have been extensive debates on the ideal coin currency for investment between Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to David Mondrus, CEO of Trive, Ethereum is the best coin currency for investment due to its resilience when other digital currencies are experiencing a decline in prices. To note, Ethereum has recorded new highs this week

Additionally, David said that Ethereum is currently the most resilient of all cryptocurrency following an interview with INN (Investing News Network), while Bitcoin has scaling problems for some years now. It is because the blocks have a 1 MB limit, which explains that the existing blocks on its Block chain can only hold 1 MB of data.

From Mondrus point of view, Ethereum will perform well as 2018 progresses, which means the digital currency will be in a better place compared to rival Bitcoin as it will maintain its resilience. Ethereum will grow both in its value and number of Dapps created on its platform according to an article at

“Ethereum is the most used and stable coin currency over giant crypto Bitcoin,” Said Mati Greenspan, during an interview with Forbes. He is a senior market analyst at eToro.

However, the year is still fresh for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. For David Mondrus, he’s thrilled on Ethereum and its existing technologies.

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