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Bill Clinton Appeared at a Cryptocurrency Event – why?


There have been many interesting moves over the years whereby events and companies have enlisted the help of people in the mainstream public spotlight to help promote their respective offerings.

Whether this is getting celebrities to endorse an initial coin offering (ICO) or having a business leader speak at a conference, it has long been seen as a good way to drum up some publicity and interest.

One person who is busy going around the world speaking is the former president of the United States Bill Clinton. He has written many books and has embarked on a lucrative speaking career since he left the White House. His latest appearance has caused some surprise in a lot of circles.

He made an appearance at an event that was focused on cryptocurrency that was named Ripple Swell. This event took place in San Francisco and he gave a keynote presentation, with most of the audience being part of the blockchain space, as well as being involved in cryptocurrency and financial services.

There was then a fireside conversation with Clinton following his keynote where he discussed a number of issues with a former economic advisor of his, Gene Sperling. She worked both under Clinton from 1996 until 2001 and with President Obama between 2011 and 2014.

Clinton had been invited by Ripple as a result of both his influence and high profile, as well as his experience embracing new technology and drafting new legislation for it. He was in office when the historic 1996 Telecommunications Act was introduced, which focused on the up and coming internet sector.

This was a catalyst for the framework which governs online activities today. There is set to be a video recording of Clinton’s keynote released in the near future, which will certainly be of interest for everyone involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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