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Amazon has Partnered with Kaleido Startup

Blockchain Technology

Amazon web services (AWS) has entered into a partnership with Kaleido, a blockchain start-up. This partnership will make life easier for customers of Amazon cloud computing service regarding the use of blockchain.

Kaleido is one of the blockchain projects handled by ConsenSys, a leader in the blockchain software technology sector, founded by Joseph Lubin and they are based in New York City. The new startup (Kaleido) was launched in the month of May 2018 and provides specific support to the blockchain technology in order to enterprise its Blockchain Business Cloud platform.

The reason a lot of people find the blockchain technology attractive is that it records business dealings on a public distributed ledger which doesn’t require third parties in a lot of cases. It is faster and very secure. According to Amazon Web Services, the introduction of Kaleido to its clients will enable them to move at a fast pace and not have to worry about blockchain management themselves.

Kaleido happens to be the first blockchain Saas solution to be made available on the Amazon web services marketplace and its aim is to assist clients in advancing their blockchain projects

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon web services (AWS) is a subordinate of Amazon that offers premium cloud computing services to individual clients, firms and various government parastatals.

Furthermore, AWS and Kaleido will be running on the ETH (Ethereum) blockchain platform and according to Joseph Lubin, he sees the move as a bold step to migrate towards the blockchain arena; this was what he said: “This is a heavy duty, full stack way of getting the company into blockchain solutions.”

Amazon can really benefit from the partnership by expanding its services. Amazon has joined several tech giants which include Microsoft and Facebook in exploring the use cases for the blockchain technology.

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