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Air Canada to Participate in a Blockchain-based Travel Distribution Channel

Blockchain Technology

One of the most competitive industries in the world is that of air travel. There are so many different airlines vying for the same customers that even the smallest differentiation matters. By improving their platforms, they will allow their customers to book flights in a quick fashion, as well as help with the tracking of luggage to minimize any delays.

Air Canada is the biggest airline in the country and they are now working on an exciting project. They have teamed up with a blockchain startup based in Switzerland called Winning Tree.

Air Canada has been in operation since 1937 and they catered for more than 48 million customers in 2017. They are now planning to partake in a trial run of a blockchain decentralized platform which will help in their distribution and sales of air travel, as well as having inventory provided in a direct manner.

Talking about this new project, the Director for Global Product Distribution at Air Canada said: “Air Canada recognizes the importance of leveraging this next generation technology. We plan to integrate Air Canada’s Direct Connect API with Winding Tree’s public blockchain platform, giving blockchain-savvy users the ability to access our content directly from the source.”

Numerous other air travel companies are now looking at what ways they can apply blockchain technology to make their systems more effective and efficient.

They are aiming to improve their customer’s experience as much as possible, as well as improving their logistics and supply chains operations. Air France-KLM for example is also working with Winding Tree on this project.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation in Australia in August launched the world’s very first airport that is crypto friendly. They also have had blockchain-based points of sale for some time now.

There is a lot of room for improvement in this sector so it will be interesting to watch going forward.

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