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A Smart City Based on Blockchain Technology to be Built by Crypto Millionaire, Jeffrey Berns

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain LLC, an inventive and aspiring blockchain firm has broadcasted its plans of building a smart city dreamland within the Nevada desert. The Nevada desert smart city will be the first of its kind to be built on the blockchain technology. This innovative groundbreaking idea was made public by Jeffrey Berns, the CEO of Blockchain LLC at the biggest global Ethereum-focused get-together of blockchain apps and developers.

Early in the year, Blockchain LLC was in the news when they purchased more than 60,000 acres of land in the Northern Nevada Desert for $170 million.

Finally, the company has come out to state what the property will be used for; they want to build a smart city that will run on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Blockchain Smart City

Berns wants the city to be fully functional, by including markets, apartments, a college campus, bank, homes, and an e-sports gaming centre. During the speech, Bern talked about how he hated banks to the extent that he purchased one himself. His bank will be running on the blockchain technology making it one of the most customer-friendly globally.

The smart city will not only run on the blockchain technology, but it will also make use of three other technologies namely; 3D printing, nanotechnology, and Artificial intelligence. He also made mention of the fact that the city will serve as the incubator for researching, clean water, sustainable energy and lots more.

To support his last point, Berns made mention of a partnership deal with NV Energy, who happens to be Nevada’s public electricity utility company.  The essence of this partnership is to ensure that clients are in charge of the creation of energy, consumption, storage, and transaction using the blockchain technology.

For the time being, the idealistic smart city is still in the works, we can only dream and imagine it’s awesomeness at the moment.


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