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Terawatt is a patent-pending, eco-friendly blockchain startup with a strong focus on monetization and solving real-world problems. Terawatt will voraciously drive L.E.D. lighting adoption by incentivizing buyers and sellers of L.E.D.’s to transact through a community governed DAO that allows all parties to win.
The DAO will be funded by utility companies, participant donations, L.E.D. buyers, and Terawatt’s company profits. Terawatt will also leverage (LED) token incentives, instant tax rebate utilization, key partnerships with LED manufacturers and governments, heavy marketing, decentralized data storage, and a community governed token pool where LED owners can vote based on the amount of tokens they own.

Token Price 1 LED = 0.002 ETH
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Sale start date
21 Jun 2018
Sale end date
14 Sep 2018
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