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RankingBall unlocks a new future for sports and esports, transforming fans from idle spectators to fully engaged participants who make skill-based, play-by-play predictions on live matches. RankingBall goes beyond fantasy sports or traditional sports betting, creating a blockchain-based ecosystem that rewards sports fans, along with esports developers, streamers and players.

RankingBall will be the leading platform for sports and esports gaming, bringing together players, developers and sports/esports media to a single blockchain-based platform where they can create value together.

Fantasy sports, i-gaming and esports are enormously popular but they face several challenges to continue growth:

For i-gaming, the average age of players has been rising. Millennials are used to the instant gratification of smartphone games and care less about winnings. They need a fun and engaging experience.

While fantasy sports is huge in North America, it hasn’t caught on in Europe or Asia. Drafting and trading players takes an enormous amount of time, and isn’t something you can take on casually. Betting around esports is in its infancy. Right now players can get rewards from participating in tournaments, but spectators are limited to predicting match outcomes, which isn’t especially exciting and could create legal issues.

RankingBall is here to change the game.

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