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Hey, Be Well! is a one stop solution that integrates and connects all dimensions of well-being (healthcare + wellness), by empowering its users to own and manage their data, connect with specialists and suppliers and receive the community support they need in order to reach their well-being goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a HBW user, you will find well-being specialists and book appointments or just start a conversation and ask for advice. You will own, manage and share your well-being data, develop healthy habits and be a part of a well-being community that supports you and cares about your well-being.
You will get insight regarding your health status and be an active decision maker regarding the future evolution of the platform. You will be proactive regarding your own health and well-being. You will be informed, motivated, supported and engaged. You will be well!

Hey, Be Well! is building an ecosystem that could potentially serve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of well-being enthusiasts, all over the globe. We want to offer them the most secure and transparent space to interact, transfer value, store their data, manage it and share it. Incorporating blockchain technology adds a transparent yet private layer, that can assure key players of the trustworthy nature of their relationship with Hey, Be Well! and each other.

The transition to a digitized healthcare industry is long overdue. We’re designing a technological solution that allows users, specialists, and suppliers to work together in an intuitive, trust free and secure environment!
Token description: The native token of the Hey, Be Well! ecosystem is the HEY token. HEY will be issued on the public Ethereum blockchain, as an ERC20 standard token that is compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain and with most wallets.

Team description: The Hey, Be Well! team is showcasing a wide array of talents that combine the business world with tech and blockchain innovation. From experienced entrepreneurs to amazing creatives and talented developers, Hey, Be Well! has gathered the people that will make it a one-stop-solution for all your well-being needs.

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30 Sep 2018
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