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The epidemic of excess weight and obesity is gaining momentum every year, especially in developed countries. Unfortunately, this is not another story to drive people into the gym, but a very real threat. According to scientists, by the year 2025 a fifth of the world’s population will be affected by this disease. Lack of motivation, societal shaming and its harmful impact all have a very strong impact on people following an unhealthy life plan. Cardium offers its own motivation for one to always be rewarded for any athletic activity – from the highest intensity to the even the modest exercise.

Lack of motivation and small knowledge of sports are the main obstacles to engaging people through sports, so far nothing has been done to tackle this problem. Our project aims to change this situation. The key element of the ecosystem is Cardium fitness tracker, around which other interactions are built. Various techniques that we implemented in our knowledge database will facilitate the process of engagement.

In addition to main goals such as social security and public health, our project solves one of the problems of crypto industry – popularization of cryptocurrencies. None of the projects presented before could equally distribute cryptocurrency to the world population. Thus, rich people are getting richer, huge mining farms are created, but common people do not get anything from this. Cryptocurrencies were intended for the masses, yet, the current distribution model prevents wide usage across all socio-economic groups. Until this problem is solved, cryptocurrencies will remain in the shadow, being a privilege of a certain class of people.

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