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Burn Coin is a native coin developed in C ++ language, and its main features are as follows.

The number one coin is a hybrid coin that combines PoS and PoW, allowing direct digging, and the number of Genesis coins is 100 million. In addition, according to the PoS algorithm, a minimum of 30 days is applied and 1% is applied.

Burn Coin can use Wallets on a variety of OS platforms, including Android wallets, Windows QT wallets, and Windows Light Wallets. In addition, when a transaction occurs, the existing Wallet address will be changed to the new Wallet address, providing a safer user wallet experience, such as hacking on your Wallet address.

Token Price 1 BRN = 0.5 USD
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Sale start date
20 Jun 2018
Sale end date
30 Jul 2018
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