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Video: Brian Behlendorf, 2018 Keynote: Hyperledger’s Quest for ‘Re-Decentralisation’


Executive director at Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf, delivers Keynote presentation on Hyperledger’s Quest for ‘Re-Decentralisation’ at the Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 in Amsterdam.

Presentation Key points:

What are Blockchains?

Blockchain uses other than Cryptocurrency

  • Diamond Supply Tracking Example
  • Seafood Tracking Example
  • The case of
  • Land Title and Real Estate Example

The Need for Distributed Digital Identity

A Network of Ledgers

  • Examples

Visibility and Accessibility Across Networks

  • Health Care Network Example

Community Contracts

  • Examples

Ethereum and Bitcoin Responses to Problems

The Need of Minimum Viable Centralization (MVC)

  • ICANN Example
  • DNS Example
  • Recommendations for MVC

Part 1

Part 2

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