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Top 7 Cryptocurrency jobs to Kickstart your Career

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Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing global industries that provides a large number of career opportunities for young talents. As a matter of fact, blockchain-based technology has become so important that it already caused a shortage of relevant professionals.

While this is a problem for companies looking for cryptocurrency specialists, it is certainly a big opportunity for individuals who gained skills and experience in this field. If you are one of the ambitious cryptocurrency talents, you should seize the opportunity to capitalize on the skyrocketing market demand.

There are dozens of profitable occupations to consider here, but we will show you the top 7 cryptocurrency jobs that can help you to kickstart your career. Let’s take a look!

1. Cryptocurrency Intern

We will start with the basic position – cryptocurrency intern. If you are still learning and trying to find the place in the market sun, this should be the right role for your skill level.

At this point in your career, the most important thing is to understand the blockchain technology essentials and show the willingness to give your best at work. Employers will expect you to help them with research and data collection while digging deeper into the industry secrets.

Make sure to write a quality resume and act comfortably at the job interview. After all, you are still a beginner who has nothing to lose. The salary is not the most important detail here, but you can expect up to $30 per hour.

2. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer is a full-time position that requires a lot of knowledge and at least three years of relevant experience. You have to master the art of JavaScript, C++, Go, and similar programming languages.

There is a huge demand for such experts in various fields of work, including finance, healthcare, online commerce, and marketing. The role is not easy, but you can expect to earn more than $100 thousand a year. Definitely worth of trying, don’t you think?

3. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineers specialize in digital technologies that improve the functioning of a specific organization. According to cryptocurrency experts at EssayOnTime, the job of the blockchain engineer is to create and implement data storage and distribution systems based on the existing technical capacity of the company.

Blockchain engineers mostly do 9-to-5 office jobs. The position requires a college education in engineering, computer programming, or information systems. A typical annual salary in this field goes above $100 thousand.

4. Data Scientist

The world is embracing digital technologies at the astounding rate, which means we all create enormous volumes of data day after day. Fortunately, blockchain-based analytics has the power to transform seemingly meaningless information into valuable industry insights.

Data scientists are the ones who help businesses to capitalize on huge data volumes. Besides the blockchain, you also need to learn statistics and gain mathematical knowledge. At the same time, you should be able to communicate well in order to present your findings clearly. If you fulfil these conditions, you can expect to earn $90 to $100 thousand per year.

5. Online Commerce Analyst

The blockchain is changing the e-commerce as we know it. While cryptocurrencies offer alternative payment methods, they also enable faster transactions, more secure payments, and improved order fulfillment.

For this reason, online retailers need cryptocurrency analysts to make the transition process easier and effortless. It’s often a project-based position, but you can expect to earn a substantial amount depending on the size and duration of the project.

6. Blockchain Project Manager

Most people, even business professionals, don’t understand the blockchain technology because it’s such a complex matter. That’s why a lot of companies look for blockchain project managers to make sure everything is implemented as planned.

Working as the project manager, you have to make a logical link between the real world and the cryptocurrency universe. The goal is to achieve business objectives using the new methodology, which requires a thorough understanding of the business, cryptocurrencies, and organizational communication. The position is worth more than $100 a year.

6. Cryptocurrency Freelancer

The last spot on our list is reserved for cryptocurrency freelancers. If you prefer a more flexible lifestyle, this might be the best option for you. You can work project by project, avoiding long-term relationships and full-time work.

Everything is up to you while freelancing. You can choose multiple smaller projects or one bigger project to work on. You can have a regular day job or work at night if that’s your thing. However, a freelancer’s income may vary depending on the skill level, so they can earn anything between $10 and $100 per hour.


Cryptocurrency encompasses a broad range of occupations, and you should seize the opportunity to kickstart your career. Our suggestion is to learn a lot, work hard, be curious and persistent, and strive for excellence. That way, you will develop the necessary skills to find a perfect job, the one that will be both interesting and profitable.

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