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Q&A with Ubanx CEO, Janes Cochesa

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Ubanx is set to establish physical locations for crypto where everyone can access cryptocurrency and blockchain financial services, through a digital platform and physical spaces that allow crypto/blockchain enthusiasts to meet, learn and connect.

Ubanx CEO, Janes Cochesa, gave us a brief introduction to the Ubanx project and what they aim to achieve.

What is Ubanx and what are its main features?

Ubanx is the one-stop blockchain place. By deploying a network of prime brick-and-mortar locations, Called Ubanx Spaces, Ubanx connects a mainstream audience to the best blockchain ecosystem of products, services, and benefits in the industry, ensuring friendly, secure, frictionless and compliant experiences.

What role will the project play in the crypto ecosystem?

We are a platform where businesses can offer their product and services through our spaces, and the average consumer enjoys this ecosystem and becoming part of the Ubanx community. Ubanx bridges the gap between the mainstream and the blockchain world.

How does the Ubanx Space expansion system work?

Is similar to a franchise model, however, differs from it in some fundamentals. In essence, Ubanx will make auctions to sell the rights to operate spaces (RTO). This right gives the benefit to the holder of becoming the main benefactor of all the ecosystem under the scope of those specific RTOs. There will be many possibilities for people interested, for example, you could acquire the rights for a specific location, a city, a state or even maybe a whole country.

What is the Ubanx Blockchain Account?

The Ubanx account is the heart of this project. When you open an account you will automatically gain the benefit of having a super wallet. You will be able to store your cryptos, buy from the Ubanx exchange, sell on the Ubanx exchange, send/receive money, and make use of many other financial solutions that will be included in time. The account grants you the access to the Spaces, allowing you to enjoy the entire ecosystem of products, services and, benefits.

What is Ubanx Crypto School?

Ubanx Crypto School is just one of the many services offered in the Spaces. Partnering with local, certified and important entities Ubanx will provide education in the spaces through workshops, courses, tailored classes, Conferences and much more.


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