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Q&A with Demetrius Vallas, Founder and CEO of Tachain

Q & A

Tokens24 team had the pleasure of talking with Demetrius Vallas, the Founder & CEO of Tachain, in order to understand what Tachain Project is and what new brings to the blockchain industry.

Tachain is a unique project in terms of the fact that it creates a synergy between transportation, entertainment, and advertising. We are creating a platform for users to watch targeted ads and earn cryptocurrencies for doing that. Our token – TCHN – is the cornerstone of our ecosystem – it will be demanded by advertisers in order to join our platform and provide their content there. We have already created an MVP that is available at AppStore and soon will be available at Google Play. At this moment application is just a taxi booking app, but soon its functionality will be widened substantially and it will become one and only solution for users to plan all their logistics at the same time having fun by using our entertainment and advertising platform.

How did blockchain technology enable your project and is it something that was not possible before the blockchain?

Blockchain technology has never been used in transportation like we are planning to use it. We are going to create our own blockchain platform to which different transportation service providers will be able to connect and get benefits from the whole ecosystem. Users will also benefit from user-friendly applications built on top of the platform, as well as from transparency and safety.

So, how many elements are you planning to have in your ecosystem?

Our ecosystem will consist of three elements – Transportal (application for logistics planning, taxi booking, public transportation tickets acquisition, etc.), AdNet (platform for advertisers and users) and TMARQ (an internal mechanism – exchange – which allows users to exchange TCHN into any other crypto in a matter of seconds).

Where are you planning to operate?

We are planning to begin with the Asian market, starting in Manila, the Philippines and then moving further – to Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. Later we will expand our operations to Europe and other parts of the world.

How are you planning to compete with Uber, Grab and others? They are already very big and have huge awareness…

We are not planning to compete with them. Transportation service provision is not our main goal, our main goal is advertising platform – a tool for people to earn. On the contrary, we are going to go global and invite Uber, Grab and others to become our partners and join our platform.

Sounds very interesting and seems like the project indeed has great potential of scaling-up.

Yes, sure. Scaling-up is crucial for our project and our growth will substantially increase the demand for TCHN token and its future value.

Can you tell us a few things about the background of key team members or consultants?

Our core team members have huge cumulative experience in transportation and advertising. The idea came to their minds thanks to this experience, as two people who have expertise in different fields came out with an idea of combining them. Eric has a long history of working with transportation service providers like taxis and Demetrius has substantial expertise in advertising.

Demetrius Vallas – Founder and CEO at Tachain – is a Marketing professional, who is passionate about new technologies and the opportunities they provide and willing to disrupt the advertising sector by making it more effective through the use of modern technologies, such as blockchain, AR and AI.

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Demetrius Vallas - Founder and CEO at Tachain - is a Marketing professional, who is passionate about new technologies and the opportunities they provide and willing to disrupt the advertising...

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