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Q&A with Adrian Dymarczyk and Bartek Juraszek, Co-founders of AligatoCoin

Q & A

Adrian Dymarczyk, CEO and developer at Aligatocoin and Bartek Juraszek, CMO, Director & Co-founder of AligatoCoin discussed with the Tokens24 team all about the new Aligato platform dubbed “Aligato 2.0” in an exclusive interview.

Where did the idea for Aligato come from and how did it all start?

In 2014, we launched as an online store. In a short time, we had exceeded 1 million products available on our platform. Unfortunately, communication problems with suppliers, wholesalers, and sellers (shortages in warehouses, errors in replenishing their inventory) led to the necessity to change the functioning of Aligato. Two years later, we decided to change the type of platform into auction and sales.

What is Aligato 2.0? What will be different from the first version of the platform?

At Aligato 2.0, we focus primarily on transaction security. The blockchain is ideal for this, because every transaction it contains, stays in it for life, without the possibility of removal or change. We will change the look of the platform completely and simplify the management of your account to the limit. The implementation of artificial intelligence will have the task of supporting the user at every stage of purchase or sale.

Offered products and services will also be purchased using our Aligatocoin token. As a result, users will receive greater billing opportunities and significantly reduced transaction fees.

Pay via Eye (payment system using the iris) and delivery of drones are the next steps on which we will start to work after the publication of Aligato 2.0.

Why did you decide to use blockchain to create a new platform?

Blockchain gives us much more opportunities. First of all, as I mentioned, security. Any attempt to cheat something written in a blockchain will result in the loss of credibility of the seller or buyer, forever. Secondly, data scattering means more security for the portal itself. Thirdly, it will speed up the platform’s operation. However, the most important argument in favour of blockchain technology is the minimized transaction costs, which will translate into service costs. Also, we will give users the opportunity to profit from the Proof of Stake function in two variants of nodes.

Where did the idea for an ICO come from? Why did you choose this form of project financing?

We want to become a global platform that uses new technologies. These platforms are functioning thanks to community involvement. The best solution for obtaining funds for the development of such a website is a form of crowdfunding. In our case, because we will be a hybrid platform, gathering funds in a cryptocurrency society is a good solution. 

Why should the AligatoCoin token be used? What will its real applications be?

AligatoCoin (ALC) will be a means of payment, both between the parties in the transaction and the methods for settlements within the platform. We will pay for PoS functions with our tokens. From the moment of entering the stock exchange (stock exchanges), you will be able to trade with our token.

Based on AligatoCoin, we will also prepare a payment gateway for other marketplaces.

Do you also intend to accept cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, etc?

We are considering it. However, we would like users to use our token. A large turnover of our currency will give users more benefits. At present, we are also in negotiations with the American company ATB and the owner of ATB Coin for closer cooperation and providing the possibility of purchasing Aligatocoin using ATB Coin and payment options on

Why should investors be interested in your project? How do you plan to guarantee their returns and future investment gains?

I think that the fact that we are not just an idea but a trading platform that has been operating for several years is a big plus for us. In addition to trading in a token, Aligato will also have profits from commissions, advertising and other products that we implement. In the case of products that we patent, there will also be profits from sharing and selling our technological solutions (including providing logistic services and security in payment transactions and securing sensitive data). We will share our blockchain with other projects.

What actions do you plan after completing the ICO?

Follow Roadmap. I can reveal that at several points of our roadmap we are already at a more advanced stage than expected. But we will inform the community about it only when we are sure that we have achieved these goals 100%.

How do you want to compete with existing trading platforms? Where do you see your advantages?

It is easier for new and smaller companies to adapt to and implement new technological solutions. The community, investors, and users are all very important to us. We are building Aligato together with our community. They set our goal and let us know what they expect from us.

The second most important thing for us is that thanks to our solutions, we will be able to minimize the costs of servicing the portal. Everything we save on, we want to translate into users.

On our fan page, we published five visual versions of Aligato 2.0, in order for our users to decide which direction we should follow.

An essential element of our competitive advantage is that we will also be a learning platform. We want to give our users a high dose of sales training. It is in this action that Maciej Dutko, a well-known figure in the world of e-commerce, will be involved

When do you expect AligatoCoin will be available on exchanges? Do you already have any deals with exchanges?

Immediately after completing the ICO. One of the proposals we have received is from HitBTC. We have also sent inquiries to many significant crypto exchanges.

When will you upgrade your platform to Aligato 2.0?

The beta version of the platform will be available at the beginning of 2019. The pace of our work depends to a large extent and will depend on the funds obtained.


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Disclaimer: This article should not be used as investment or financial trading advice. Please conduct careful due diligence before investing in any digital asset.

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