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Blockchain Mass Adoption Future is in your keys – Q&A with Tenzorum Co-founder, Moritz Neto

Q & A

Tenzorum Project is an ambitious initiative that is focused on developing a better way for users to interface with blockchain technologies. It is creating a decentralized, self-sovereign key management protocol that will open doors to millions of new users to join the crypto world.

The project was one of the five chosen to present at Consensus Proof of Work to more than 6000 blockchain investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in New York this week, and we had a chance to speak to Moritz Neto, Tenzorum Project co-founder, to learn more about how Tenzorum aims to change the Crypto Space.

What does Tenzorum do?

Tenzorum is a key management protocol for the decentralized web. We are fundamentally developing the infrastructure to allow every user to manage their keys and interact with decentralized applications across multiple chains.

The core element of the user-experiences on the Blockchain world are keys. We have this paradigm shift of what “user account” means, and what access represents in practical terms. On the web 2.0 [common web] user profiles are managed by username and password stored by a centralized entity in a centralized database, and this is the set of data that allows you to access applications, documents, services, accounts, etc. On the web 3.0 [Blockchain products] this concept became much more abstract, the whole network is designed around keys.

Keys are randomly generated hashes. These keys are the elements that give you access to applications, rights, benefits, ownership, financial services, identity and money in itself. And guess what, if you lose access to the key which is consists of 64 randomly generated characters, all your data, money, and access is lost forever.

So we have a tradeoff between a world where everything is controlled by centralized entities that you have to trust will not sell, prostitute or use your data in any malicious way but provide usability, and a world where users are self-sovereign and are the actual owners of their data but fundamental usability is yet to be created. Risks are too high for the general public in the second environment, and there is an immense technological barrier to be crossed. Furthermore, integration is virtually nonexistent, and solutions are scarily fragmented.

Tenzorum’s mission is to change that by creating an unstoppable platform that supports a user-friendly, self-sovereign ecosystem of Blockchain Products and Services through secure and accessible key management protocols.

How did Tenzorum come about and why is it so important?

At first, we had the Bitcoin experiment, showing to the world that it is, in fact, possible to have a decentralized peer-to-peer currency, that is transparent and immutable and without a central issuance authority.

Then Ethereum came, offering Decentralized Peer-to-Peer computing and a smart contracts platform, creating a general purpose machine to develop decentralized applications where the code is law. Ethereum created a whole ecosystem of projects, dapps, and services inspired by the philosophical idea of having a mechanism that can cut the middleman off in the internet communication and business models and liberate users from the centralized web infrastructure.

But not all the pieces are in place yet. In fact, most dapps are using centralized solutions to manage user’s keys. Which fundamentally contradicts the whole purpose of decentralization in its core element, the access.

If we don’t work now on creating a user-friendly self-sovereign and decentralized alternative to give people access to decentralized applications the future of Blockchain solutions will be jeopardized by centralization maximalists that will become the giant Blockchain tech behemoth that will once again control the access modes to digital services in a similar way the dotcom era.

There is an eager need in the ecosystem for a decentralized, self-sovereign and unstoppable access control protocol, and that is the opportunity Tenzorum Project is leveraging to succeed.

What are Tenzorum’s fundamental elements and where does usability come in?

To execute on Tenzorum’s vision and create a decentralized web, accessible to everyone, we are working on a few main core elements: Self-sovereign access control, login abstraction, and facilitation and social recovery mechanism.

Fundamentally Tenzorum will be powered by TSNN – Tenzorum Service Nodes Network.

TSNN is the unstoppable machine that runs a protocol independently of any central service provider and provides the essential business logic associated with key management protocols and tasks.

TSNN will be the independent inter-ledger network optimized to usability and dedicated to executing key verification tasks, with its own network incentives issuance based broadly speaking on nodes contribution to verification tasks.

This is how we are going to secure self-sovereignty to everyone integrating with Tenzorum protocols.

To facilitate login abstraction, we are focusing on several user layer experiments, developing a decentralized key manager and general modules for access and recovery integrations to provide a multi-ledger browsing experience.

To create the social recovery mechanism, we are researching and experimenting using concepts like the Web-of-trust [crypto version of friends list, where users verify each other through PGP signing]. Secret Sharing algorithms and a robust mechanism design will incentivize all stakeholders in the network to achieve the desired goals.

Everything is being designed from the ground up to provide an extremely friendly and seamless experience to users.

What role will the project play in the crypto ecosystem?

We will empower existing and future decentralized applications by integrating the Tenzorum Protocol to provide all the benefits of decentralized access control to a massive user-base while delivering our own end-user key management solutions to the crypto community.

Who else is behind the Tenzorum Project?

Tenzorum is an open-source community composed by Blockchain entrepreneurs, researchers, cypher-punks, and crypto enthusiasts. We already have more than 30 collaborators around the world including decentralized network architecture PhDs in South America, a Laboratory of Mechanism Design and Game Theory in India, Social Technologies in Lithuania, Cybersecurity experts in the U.S. and the core development team in Australia and APAC. The community is collaboratively bootstrapping an ecosystem here; it’s a twofold effort: Fundamental tech and grassroots community. This is what Tenzorum Project is about.

My cofounder Daniel Bar is an emerging tech researcher with a background in quantum computing and Nanotechnology. A few years ago he started the bitfwd community, an open community of Blockchain Technology entrepreneurs in Australia. Daniel and I were working in the same co-working space in UNSW’s Michael Crouch Innovation Center. When I met Daniel, I became ‘crypto-enlightened’ and joined the bitfwd community immediately. Since then, we made the bitfwd community a globally inclusive platform that engages with leading projects in the crypto space. By working full time with Blockchain and developing Blockchain solutions for the whole community, we were able to identify what the critical points that have to be solved are if we want true self-sovereign accessibility to the decentralized web.

Tenzorum is still a hidden gem in the noisy crypto space, but you guys are preparing a Token sale, how has that been?

It has been overwhelming. It’s fantastic to see that people resonate with the Tenzorum mission and comprehend the problem we are trying to solve. We haven’t made a single investment in marketing yet and still; our presale form has already more than 10.000 ETH in committed funds for our Token Sale.

Priority access to token allocation will be given to early signups and existing community members as we would preferably like to include those who genuinely care about building the decentralized future together. Exact dates and further details about the Tenzorum token distribution plan will be announced at a later time.

Right now regarding the Token sale, our work has mostly been about choosing the most strategic partners, early contributors, and investors to support the project, it’s growth and development. We are putting thought to choose the right investors and partners to work with, and we are aligning our long-term objectives towards success in all verticals and true decentralization ideals.

Recently, your project was one of the five selected as a finalist of the Consensus Proof of Work Competition. Tell us about that.

Yes! That was amazing, to be honest. Former projects in the PoW competition are 0x, and Colony. So it gives us a lot of confidence about the importance of Tenzorum to the crypto ecosystem and the relevance of the solution we are creating.

So, What is next for Tenzorum?

We will execute and complete our token sale during the next months to support all the research and development going towards making decentralized technologies truly accessible to everyone.

We are looking for early contributors to join and early adopters that resonate with the Tenzorum mission and understand the importance of key management for the Blockchain world. Strategic partners and further leading projects that intend to integrate Tenzorum protocol into their development ecosystem.

To find out more about Tenzorum and read the published LIGHTPAPER visit:

To get in touch with the founders and the community:

Disclaimer: This article should not be used as investment or financial trading advice. Please conduct careful due diligence before investing in any digital asset.

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