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Blockspot Conference Europe 2018

Location Lisbon, Portugal
Date Nov 9 2018

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in a wide range of industries.

From November 9 to 13, join Blockspot Conference Europe in Lisbon to stay ahead in this game-changing technology.

Bitcoin, its main representative, is disrupting the world’s monetary system. Smart contracts, ICOs, cryptocurrencies and decentralized Web are all transforming our society as deep as the Internet did, creating entirely new fields of study, like Cryptoeconomics. Blockspot Conference is a meeting point for people that are handling those transformations.

Some of the speeches of this edition will be:

The protection of individual rights in distributed ledger technologies by Martinho Lucas Pires

Take Control over Your Data by Graham de Barra

Healthcare on blockchain Amit Joshi

Blockchain: the challenge for micro-economy end goals by Fred Antunes

Security Tokens, ICOs and the new economy that Blockchain will generate by Gustavo Cunha

How blockchain can disrupt social impact by Marco Barbosa

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