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Editorial Policy

Editorial policy
Tokens24 Mission
Tokens24’s mission is to chronicle the blockchain movement and create a forum for critical discussions among those building a more productive and inclusive digital economy.
Editorial Independence
We maintain principles of fairness, accuracy, objectivity and responsible reporting. We uphold principles of excellence in reporting original news and in reviewing and corroborating information from other sources.
The editorial team will cover news with objectivity and integrity, without influence of the publisher or its owners and investors. Tokens24 does not accept payment in return for news articles, features or product reviews.
We accept payment for the publication of press releases within the Tokens24 PR section of the site. We strive to ensure press releases are clearly marked and adequately labeled.

Editorial Transparency
All editorial team members and writers for Tokens24 disclose investments and activities associated with digital currency.
The following FAQs are intended to provide additional clarity on Tokens24, its leadership and the investments of its owners.
Included are answers to common questions about the activities of Tokens24 and its owners with respect to the digital currency and blockchain-based asset markets.